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Our San Jose bankruptcy lawyer will answer your bankruptcy questions regarding automatic stay. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the automatic stay provision will work to your benefit. This provision in the bankruptcy Code generally prevents creditors from collecting debts from you. This means your creditors and lenders will not be able to call you at home, at work or at all hours of the day and night. The creditors won’t be able to send you collection letters, and they won’t be able to file a lawsuit against you. This provision is put into force upon filing your bankruptcy petition. It is you option to consult with our San Jose bankruptcy attorney and debt relief lawyer who can explain how automatic stay will help you. Please contact the San Jose Bankruptcy & Debt Relief Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu located in Silicon Valley, Bay Area at 408-912-5983 or for a confidential free consultation.

In Chapter 13, the automatic stay provision gives the debtor protection from his creditors, subject to the oversight of the bankruptcy judge, and brings all of the debtor’s assets and creditors into the same forum, the bankruptcy court, where the rights of all concerned can be evaluated and balanced. This process initiated by the debtor starts with formulating a payment proposal or plan with documentation of the individual debtor’s income and expenses with schedules to properly explain what payment the debtors can make. This period usually last for 3 to 5 years which allows the debtor time to pay some or all of his or her debt to the creditors.

Bankruptcy Automatic Stay will Prohibits the following:

Pending law suits: Pending lawsuits will be delayed and stopped upon filing bankruptcy petition. The automatic stay provision in the bankruptcy code will stop all lawsuits immediately from the time that you file your petition. It is advisable that you consult with an attorney like the bankruptcy law office of Geoffrey Nwosu to determine how this will assist you in determining whether to file bankruptcy.

Stop Foreclosure: The automatic stay will also stop the foreclosure action temporarily. In California, Chapter 7 filing wiling will delay foreclosure action to allow you time to plan or negotiate with your creditor and lender. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best option for stopping foreclosure if you want to remain in the house and continue paying mortgage.

Stop Repossession and Lien Actions: Automatic Stay will prevent creditors from taking your car and allows you time to decide whether to return the car back to the lender or retain it. The lender may file for release from stay to obtain the car or property. Your bankruptcy attorney will discuss with you the process of re-affirmation or surrender of your property.

Stop Collection Calls and Creditors Harassment: Unnecessary and annoying phone calls especially at night will stop immediately. All collection calls and activity by the collection agents are also stopped upon filing your bankruptcy petition with the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy attorneys at the law office of Geoffrey Nwosu will be able to answer your questions in this area of law.

Stop Wage Garnishments and Levies: Some creditors are seeking default judgment to start garnishing your wages. This is very popular now because of our uncertain economic conditions and financial difficulties. Automatic Stay will stop wage garnishments and levies. You will start getting your full pay check and your debt is dischargeable. Consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney will likely be able to eliminate your unsecured debt.

Stop Utility Shut-Off: Automatic stay will require the utility company to reconnect your home to their utilities if they shut it off because of non payment. However, the utility company may be allowed turn the light off after requiring you to make a deposit within a reasonable time and your refusal to comply. Here, the courts approach is to balance your need for utility service and utility company’s need for payment to continue business.

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Experience and knowledge can be the difference between dismissing your case for improper filing and the discharge of your debts. We have assisted many clients in fling bankruptcy in Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County and San Francisco County. Please contact the San Jose Bankruptcy & Debt Relief Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu located in Silicon Valley, Bay Area at 408-912-5983 or for a confidential free consultation. Understanding the new bankruptcy forms can be a challenge to some debtors trying to file them pro se. Our bankruptcy lawyers and debt relief attorneys have helped many people file bankruptcy and get their debts completely discharged and wiped off in California.

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We are San Jose bankruptcy lawyers and California debt relief attorneys. A San Jose California bankruptcy attorney and debt relief lawyer at our law office will speak to you for free about filing bankruptcy. We serve clients that are having financial difficulties to eliminate their debts, wipe off their unsecured debts and start fresh. Our Federal bankruptcy Code allows you to do just that if you qualify. However, bankruptcy is not for everyone. You must show or demonstrate financial hardship. A bankruptcy lawyer at Nwosu bankruptcy law center will consult with you for free to discuss your bankruptcy options. This discussion will cover personal bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, chapter 13 bankruptcy, chapter 11 bankruptcy, business bankruptcy and non bankruptcy solution. Our bankruptcy lawyers and attorneys are ready to provide you with bankruptcy help.

The bankruptcy Law Office of Geoffrey Nwosu is located in San Jose Campbell Bay Area Ca. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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